How do I get there?

You can easily reach us by foot from the back of Cardiff Central train station. It’s a 5-10min walk along Penarth Road. Head towards the Big Yellow Self Storage building, and turn left down Curran Embankment and then it's the

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Is there Parking available?

DEPOT does have parking for the Street Food Social events. It is however only a short walk from Cardiff train station and we encourage people to arrive by foot.

Is there Parking available?2021-04-29T13:26:01+01:00

Are children allowed at the Depot?

At our street food and fanhub events, children are welcome up until 8pm, provided they are accompanied with an Adult at all times. Children are not allowed at Bingo Lingo.

Are children allowed at the Depot?2016-10-12T15:07:31+01:00

What are your opening times?

Fridays for Bingo Lingo 6pm-11pm, and on Saturdays for Street Food Saturdays  from 5pm-11pm. Where we hold seasonal and one-off events (such as Oktoberfest, Halloween, Gin-Stock etc), please see the relevant Facebook event page. Our office is open 10am-5pm Mon-Sat

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Lost Property

Lost Property: We are not responsible for any belongings left at Depot, at any time. If we find any lost property, it will be held in our lost property section in the Office, but it will still remain under

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Do you have disabled access?

The Depot Warehouse is wheelchair friendly and has disabled access facilities. The pathways from Cardiff City centre are managed by the Council and therefore we are not responsible for access along these paths. There are drop curbs along each junction

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Can I book a table for your events?

Yes, all our table bookings and entry tickets are done online. Please visit our ticket link to purchase yours:

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