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The Harry Potter Quiz

Calling all Witches, Wizards, Half-bloods & Muggles alike! ?‍♂️
DEPOT invites you to this years… HARRY POTTER QUIZ! We’ll be transforming DEPOT into the Great Hall where we won’t just be testing your knowledge of the books & films…but also your wisdom in a variety of other magical classes! Hint; you’ll want to dust off your spell book…and maybe your broomstick ?
Tickets will be sold at £6, so send your owls out today and gather your ultimate team! We’ve given the sorting hat a break so you can pick what house your team belongs in. You’ll be sat alongside all your fellow house members, so choose your side wisely, as we will be bringing houses together to battle it out in certain rounds! (Seriously, brush up on those spells) ?
Anyone caught using a muggle device, or self-correcting ink, may be subject to the Cruciatus Curse. And you can totally forget about your O.W.Ls.
With all the butterbeer available, this is an 18+ event.
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