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DEPOT Presents: By Order Of

DEPOT Presents: By Order Of

The DEPOT is under new management, by order of the Peaky Blinders.

We’re turning back time to the 1920’s. Step back into the age of underground bootleg bars filled with clean-shaven men and flapper girls.

By Order Of… presents a experience which blurs the barriers between performance and audience.

With secret corners, gambling dens, moonshine and fortune tellers –
you will immerse yourself in the age of grit and glamour.

Throughout the night you will feast on traditional newspaper-wrapped fish and chips, hog roasts, and slow braised beef in real gravy. Vegetarian options will also be on offer.

Bootleg cocktails, whisky on the rocks and bathtub gin will also be available – for those in the know.

The event is strictly themed. All guests *MUST* be dressed in appropriate attire.

Grab your pocket watch, shake out that smart tweed suit, press your flapper dress and brush off that flat cap. Get ready to dance the Charleston with our 1920’s dancers and live music.

For tickets please go to:

DISCLAIMER: Please note this is an event with live actors and staged situations. All gambling is staged and no money will be exchanged. So watch your backs – by the order of The Peaky Blinders!