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The Braintrust Presents: The Great Big Game Of Thrones Quiz

The Braintrust presents…The Great Big Game Of Thrones Quiz!

The quiz is coming…

You know the sigil of House Targaryen, don’t you? Of course you do. And if we were to ask you ‘whats the name of the “other” Stark child?’, you’d definitely know. Because you deserve your rightful place on the Iron throne. OR DO YOU!?

We’ll be covering all SIX televised serieses!

Tickets will be sold in group teams of 6, but the question is… which house will you choose? House Stark? House Lanister? Or House Greyjoy…probably not, right?

We will be awarding a bonus 5 points to the best group fancy dress effort, this could be the difference between coming 4th and winning! So fly your banners high!

This is an 18+ event,